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Take Part in New Local Documentary

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Are you facing the increasing clash between work and childcare? The stress of financial pressures having a big impact on your family relationships? Do you have a big family and despite working hard are still struggling with money? You have a story worth telling and could take part in a new local documentary.

Belfast based documentary makers Erica Starling Productions are researching for a new BBC documentary series. The documentary will be about life choices, how money problems can affect these choices and the knock on consequences.

The team at Erica Starling are interested in meeting with groups or individuals and have a chat with them to better understand the issues they are facing, particularly where finances are placing extra pressure on you or your family. They would like to meet just for a chat as part of their research initially, but would hope to be able to film with those who would be interested in sharing their story. The aim of the documentary is for it to be a warm piece to help audiences understand the challenges families are facing.

If you would be interested in taking part or would like to find out more about the project please drop Sharon an email or give her a call on 07547 535119.