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Top tips can be great when you are looking for quick suggestions but sometimes if there is something you are struggling with that you would like to find out more about, you may want to have a read through more detailed information and find out what the research says.

Below are a list of articles we've written to give you more information on various topics. If there's something you would like to see us cover you can give us your suggestions on the Article Topics section of this page.

Following the tough periods of restrictions in 2021, it is important that parents and families take the time to Reset & Reconnect. Here we will focus on the benefits of disconnecting from devices & reconnecting with nature.

Is your child a gamer? This article looks at what research says when it comes to children and gaming and offers guidance on things to be aware of in video games your children may be playing.

Smartphones are now an unavoidable icon of modern life. This article explores striking a balance between keeping children safe and socially isolating them. We examine the statistics and pros and cons.

Sexuality can be a complicated and difficult subject for parents to discuss with young people. This article looks at reactions, supporting your young person and terminology. 

It's very common for brothers and sisters to argue and bicker. This article will help to explain the causes of sibling rivalry and give advice to parents about when to intervene.

Many mothers worry about the impact their employment on their children, this can lead to mums feeling guilty about working. This article looks at what research says about the impact on mum and children.

Getting exam results can be a stressful time for both parents and children. What do you do once you've got them? This article takes you through the options when your child's results aren't what you expected.

Christmas can be a very exciting time for families but it also comes with a lot of expectation. This Parents Guide give parents a few tips on how to avoid conflict and how to react if your child expresses disappointment in gifts.

Children's sugar intake is something which is widely publicised as being a concern. This article explores the state of snacking and the challenges parents face in providing healthy snacks for their children.

Talking about sex and relationships with your child or young person is one of the more challenging aspects of parenting, however it is extremely important. This article offers ideas on how to talk about consent.

This article looks in more depth at the functionality of popular games children play such as Fortnite, Roblox and League of Legends as well as exploring payment settings and parental controls. 

Reading to your children, particularly in the form of a bed-time story is one of the great joys of parenthood. This article looks at the benefits and tips for any reluctant readers.

Dads play an important role in many areas of children's lives, here we look at the particular positive impact they have on children's exercise. It also offers some practical tips on how you can encourage physical activity.

This article explores the stigma associated with parents experiencing mental health challenges, the impacts parental mental health can have on children, strategies you can use to help your wellbeing and seeking support.

Going to 'Big School' can be a challenging change for many young people. This article explores the research around transitions and offers some tips on how parents can support their children to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The term 'fake news' has only became popular very recently. In this article we explore how it's more difficult to distinguish what's real from what isn't and how you can talk to children about it.

Getting children to sleep can be a constant issue for parents. This article looks at what the research says about how much sleep is needed and provides strategies to help ease the process of getting children to go to bed.

Parents are increasingly more concerned with pressure on their children to look a certain way. This article explores the pressures and what we can do to promote body positivity in our children.

Health is something that is a big concern for parents. This article explores the link between parents physical activity and children's levels of exercise.

Tips, tricks and advice for dealing with children's boredom, which can be useful any time but this is the perfect read for when you're prepping for the summer holidays when we can hear "I'm bored" all too often!

Cyberbullying is a complex issue, as given the discreet nature of technology, it's often more difficult to detect it. This article looks at the effects cyberbullying can have on young people how we can address it.