If you feel a client you are working with would benefit from the services Parenting NI offers you can download a referral form here and follow the referrals process listed below.

Benefits to Professional Workers

  • Free service
  • Parenting NI is acknowledged by professionals to be a leading parent support service with a reputation as a model of good practice

If you are a professional who would like to refer a client to Parenting NI please follow the instructions of our referrals process below.

  • Seek permission from the client to submit a referral.
  • Inform the client that you may request information from Parenting NI on client’s engagement, attendance and duration of contact.
  • The referral can be made in writing by downloading the referral form below and emailing it to
  • Please provide an email address should we need to acknowledge receipt of the referral.

   Download a referral form

Parenting NI adheres to a strict confidentiality policy.