Parenting Programmes

Parenting NI have a range of parenting programmes are available to meet the diverse needs of parents. All programmes and workshops have a proven track record with parents reporting enhanced confidence and improved parenting ability upon completion. Supporting resources are provided which further develop learning and understanding.

Below are the programmes Parenting NI offer, to see what programmes are currently available click here to view the programme calendar.

Evidence Based
A programme that has been shown to consistently produce positive results by independent research studies that have been conducted to a particular degree of scientific quality.

Parenting Your Teen

Duration: 8 weeks
Aim: To improve the parent/adolescent relationship

This programmes effectiveness has been independently verified by:

This programme covers a range of themes including teen development, self esteem, rules and consequences, dealing with conflict and problem solving. The programme promotes Authoritative Parenting, the style of parenting which has proven to be most effective. This programme has been found to improve outcomes for parents, their teenage children and the family as a whole.

Understanding your Child’s Behaviour – Solihull Approach

Duration: 10 weeks
Aim: To gain a better understanding of what influences children’s behaviour

Based on the theoretical model of containment, reciprocity and behaviour management this programme helps parents develop a framework of thinking about parent/child relationships which can be developed into a lifelong skill.

A number of research studies have been carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of the approach.

Evidence Informed
Practice based on the integration of experience, judgement and expertise with the best available external evidence from systematic research.

Parents Anger Management

Duration: 8 weeks
Aim: To help parents manage their anger

Parents Walking on Eggshells

Duration: 8 weeks
Aim: To provide parents with the skills to achieve a calmer and violent free home

Parenting Children’s Challenging Behaviours

Duration: 8 weeks
Aim: To help parents understand and manage their children’s challenging behaviours

Parenting with Positive Mental Health

Duration: 6 weeks
Aim: To support parents with mental health issues

Fathers in Families

Duration: 6 weeks
Aim: To promote positive parenting skills to fathers

Parenting Apart

Duration: 6 weeks
Aim: To support parents in minimising the impact of separation on children

Positive ParentingPositive Parenting programmes provide a basis for effective parenting. The programmes below are Positive Parenting Programmes.

Parents Health and Happiness

Duration: 4 weeks
Aim: To improve health, happiness and emotional wellbeing of the whole family

Putting Parents First

Duration: Between 4 to 6 weeks
Aim: To enable practitioners to tailor a programme to suit the needs of their parent group