Families Together in Schools

Families Together is a project designed to help support and improve family lives by encouraging more open and effective communication between parents and their children.

The project will be available in a number of schools in Antrim and Strabane:

  • Ballycraigy Primary School
  • Six Mile Integrated Primary School
  • Parkhall Primary School
  • Sion Mills Primary School
  • St Catherine’s Primary School
  • St Mary’s Primary School

In the future additional schools in each area may be able to access aspects of the project for their families as the project develops.

Why have Families Together in Schools?

Children have two main educators in their lives – their parents and their teachers. Parents are the prime educators until the child starts school and remains a major influence on their children’s learning through school and beyond. There is no clear line to show where the parents’ input stops and the teachers’ input begins. The school and the parents all have crucial roles to play and the impact is greater if parents and schools work in partnership.

Referral Process

This is how the referral process and integration of services will work in school:

Referral Process (1)