Employee Wellbeing

Looking after employee wellbeing, particularly of parent employees reaps benefits for employers. Growing research demonstrates the importance of parent employee’s health and wellbeing in relation to work performance and effectiveness.

Workplace access to parenting support leads to reduced work-family and family-work spill over and improved worker morale and performance.

The Benefits

Increased staff productivity
Less absenteeism
Increased staff morale
Increased staff confidence
Employee retention

Parenting NI Employee Wellbeing Seminars

Giving organisations the tools to support their parent employees

Parenting NI can deliver a range of 8 needs-led Employee Wellbeing Seminars to parent employee's in your organisation.

Facilitated by a professional practitioner these one hour sessions can accommodate up to 30 delegates and can be booked as a group of 8 or on an individual basis.


This seminar will give parents the time to think about how they parent and the different styles involved. Typically parents don’t get time to think about what they do or why (they just do it). This session will enable parents to consciously think about how they parent with an overall aim of making life in their home easier with happy and healthy children.

Understanding your child can be instrumental in being an effective parent. This session will increase parents knowledge and understanding of their child when growing up so parents can provide opportunities that encourages their child’s development and enhances their child’s outcomes.

Self-esteem has consistently been shown to have a powerful impact across a wide range of domains to include educational attainment, social relationships, mental health and ability to deal with stress.  To help parents understand why children need to feel good about themselves, explore what influences a child’s self-esteem and equip parents with the skills to raise their child’s self-esteem.

To help parents negotiate rules and consequences with their children using the authoritative parenting style. Parents will explore the difficulties in being consistent, what happens when rules are broken and learn how to use fair rules and consequences. This approach encourages children to be increasingly independent and responsible.

Parents worry a lot about their children behaving in a way that could cause them or others harm. Parents will be made aware of the need to be more authoritative when managing risky behaviour. This session will look at what risky behaviour is, why young people engage in risk taking behaviour and how to manage risky behaviour.

This seminar explores children and young people’s use of technology, the session looks at the risks and dangers of the online world and encourages parents to have effective conversations around boundaries and keeping safe online.

The session looks at conflict and how it impacts on family relationships. The issue is not whether parents and their children will get into disagreements- they will, the issue is how parents will resolve them. The session will help parents deal with disagreements and arguments and present ways to resolve conflict positively.

Growing research demonstrates the importance of parent employee’s health and wellbeing in relation to performance and morale in the workplace. This session looks at how stress impacts parent employees and discusses the impact on children exploring how to develop positive coping strategies.

Mindfulness for parents

Introduce your working parents to Mindfulness with a 1 hour session. Mindfulness has many benefits for the workplace and job performance, including improving executive functioning, employees engagement levels and reducing work related stress.

Bespoke Sessions

Have you noticed particular issues that your working parents are facing that may be affecting their work performance? 

Parenting NI can tailor 1 hour sessions to specifically address your working parents needs.

Pop-Up Parenting Clinics

Parenting Clinics allow your working parents the opportunity to chat one to one with a professional for support with any parenting issue.

Parenting Clinics run for 2 hours and are made up of eight 15 minute slots.

Charity Partnerships

If you chose Parenting NI as your charity partner we will offer you 2  free employee wellbeing seminars of your choice.

We can also supply monthly parenting tips and resources which can be shared with your staff.


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