16 Years of Engaging Parents through Consultations

The Parenting NI Parenting Forum has acted as a voice for parents since 1999. The Forum has sought to highlight the key issues and needs of parents in order to influence policy, planning and service delivery. The Parenting Forum is therefore very well placed to carry out consultations with parents on behalf of government departments and other agencies.

The consultation process is an important opportunity for parents to share their views, to have a voice and to influence decisions that are made about changing the lives of children and young people in Northern Ireland.

When consulting with parents, the Forum will develop a consultation pack agreed with the commissioning agent to ensure a uniform approach to collecting and collating the views of parents and both qualitative and quantitative information is recorded.

In the past year, the Parenting Forum have seen a massive increase in parental engagement with the consultation process due to the successful introduced of online surveys.

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