Parenting Week

Join us in celebrating the Power of Parent Child Relationships this Parenting Week!

Children's most important early relationships are with their parents. 

Positive parent-child relationships are important for all areas of children’s development. Spending quality time and showing warmth, care and respect, can strengthen your relationship with your child.

Relationships shape how children see the world because relationships allow children to express themselves. For example, when they cry, or laugh or ask a question they will get a response, those responses give them important information and tells them a lot about how to think, understand, communicate, behave, show emotions and develop social skills. 


We love to see everyone getting involved with Parenting Week and so have developed a number of resources which you can use during the week with your children or with the parents and children you work with. Click on the boxes below to download.

Activities Booklet

This Activity Booklet is for parents, teachers, youth workers, or anyone working with families, to help you explain each activity & what they are for.

Event Poster

Running an event to celebrate Parenting Week? Download our Parenting Week poster, write in your details with the time, date & venue and put them up to publicise the event.

Super Powers Activity

This activity gets children to think about their family's "Super Powers". Encourage them to make a list of the things they like about their family and to share it with everyone.

My Child's Super Powers

Tell us about your child's "Super Powers". Complimenting your child and giving them praise is good for their self-esteem and helps build your relationship. You can share them with us on social media if you would like using the hashtag #ParentingWeek.

Conversation Starters

Talking and asking your child questions is a way of learning more about your child. These have been designed so it makes it hard to give just one word answers. Give our Conversation Starters a go!

Presentation Template

This presentation template is for teachers or professionals working with families to deliver the key messages of the campaign to parents.

Drawing Activity

This activity is for children to draw their favourite thing they like to do with their family. Get them to think about why it is their favourite. Spending time together can strengthen relationships.

Active Listening

Communicating is much more than just talking, is also about listening. This exercise focuses on talking and listening skills and highlights the importance of listening.

My Children's Super Powers

If you have more than one child, tell us about all of their "Super Powers" to help build their self-esteem & your relationship with them. You can share them with us on social media if you would like using the hashtag #ParentingWeek.

Email Banner

Is your organisation getting involved in Parenting Week? Why not display our banner in your email signature and let everyone know you're supporting Parenting Week & highlighting The Power of Parent Child Relationships.

Parenting Week Tasks

This Parenting Week we are giving parents a simple task to complete each day that will help with building parent-child relationships. Check out our Facebook and Twitter page each day for a new task! 

It's important that your child knows that you love them throughout all stages of their life. Knowing that you love them unconditionally will make children feel valued and make them more likely to open up to you. You can also show your child that you love them through listening, you body language (warm expressions, smiling, eye contact) and hugging them. 

As well as being an enjoyable thing to do together and get you chatting around the table, eating together as a family is also associated with healthier eating habits! You could also try cooking a meal together with your children. Encouraging your child to help prepare a meal is not only a great way to spend quality time together but it's a sensory learning experience that aids your child's development.

Play is so important to children's development. Young children can develop many skills through the power of play. As well as it being fun and helping you develop your relationship with your child, it can help children's language skills, emotions, creativity and social skills.

The Department of Education and Playboard NI have developed a range of resources on play for parents with the #PlayMatters campaign. Click on the links below to download each topic.

Play & Challenge
Play & Digital Technology
Playing Outdoors

One on one time with each of your children is great for strengthening your bond with them. There are lots of benefits to individual time with your children including the possibility of cutting back on attention seeking behaviour, building their self-esteem as well as being a way of communicating that you value them.

Some ways to spend one on one time with your kids...
1. Go on a walk together
2. Join them for one of their interests e.g. sports or dance
3. Read books together
4. Play their favourite game with them

Positive communication is about taking the time to listen to each other and being open in expressing your feelings and thoughts. When you have positive communication in your family, it helps everybody feel understood, respected and valued, and this strengthens your relationships.

Check out our tips for improving communication or why not download our conversation starters and use them to find out more about your family.


If you are running an event please let us know and we will promote it on our page as being part of the Parenting Week celebrations. We love seeing what you get up to over the week, especially if you use the free resources! Use the hashtag #ParentingWeek so we can see how you celebrate the week.