Families Together

Families Together Project focuses on improving family relationships. This project is a partnership between Parenting NI and New Life Counselling and has been funded by The Big Lottery Reaching Out: Supporting Families Programme.

All activities are...


This project is free to be accessed everyone, regardless of their family circumstance.


Activities are very informal so you and your family feel comfortable taking part.


We aim to make sure activities are fun so you and your family will enjoy taking part.

Families Together is designed to improve family lives and seeks to provide you and your family with a better understanding of each others needs. There are a number of benefits to you:

Time for Parents

-  Confidential face to face support / counselling service

-  Attend individually or together

-  Explore and set realistic goals

-  Find manageable solutions 

Time for Children

-  One to one time

-  Therapeutic support 

-  Children explore & learn to understand feelings

-  Exploring through a range of activities including art, music, play & drama

Time Together

-  6 week programme for parents & children to spend time together

-  Focused time for an hour & a half each week

-  Creative activities examining thoughts, feelings & behaviours to enhance parent / child relationships.

Workshops for Parents

Families Together have a range of workshops providing you with the opportunity to learn new parenting skills and meet with other parents. These informal sessions can help you manage stress, build your self esteem, become more assertive and manage situations such as separation and communication breakdown. 

Workshops on offer include:

Handling Children's Behaviour




Parenting in a Digital

Dealing with Bullying & Making Friends

Additional support/Home Visits can be arranged in a venue that is easily accessible to the parent, at a mutually agreed location, at times this may be carried out in the home. This can provide an opportunity to discuss in more detail which support service might suit you best. This support will be time bound to ensure an efficient, supportive intervention is provided.