Dads Support

Parenting NI were shortlisted for The People’s Projects 2023 for ‘The Empathy Tent’ project.

This project provides a safe, welcoming space for all to talk and access support from others who have had similar experiences.

The Empathy Tent will travel around Northern Ireland visiting community events, high streets and public spaces for easy access and to improve awareness of poor mental health.

Watch the video below:

Empathy Tent - UTV Peoples Project filming with Paul Reilly UTV Presenter
Empathy Tent - Filming for UTV Guildhall Derry March 23
Empathy Tent - 3k Colour Run Community Event Sat 10 June 23

Parenting NI supports dads in Northern Ireland who are separating, separated or currently involved within the courts service.

Parenting NI promotes dads being engaged and involved in their children's lives. The team will help you to develop more confidence in your parenting ability and to build  positive connections with other dads in a similar position in your community. 

An element of the Dads Project is to support single/separated mums through the provision of a ‘Parenting Apart Programme’ so that they too feel better informed as to how best to support their children during and after a separation. 

The dads support team aims to...

Provide services to empower and support separated dads

Promote the importance of children having an ongoing relationship with their dad

Provide dads with knowledge, information and choices

Influence policy change to ensure dads are considered on an equal basis to mothers

Promote children's rights to having access to both parents

Educate professionals about the importance of ongoing engagement with dads

How Parenting NI can support you

Build your confidence
The Dads Project aims to help develop your confidence and build positive connections in your community.
At our Dads Talk Group you have the opportunity to share your circumstances with other dads & explore solutions.
Dads workshops

Come along to a workshop or programme to increase your skills as a parent and this will help support and improve your relationship with your child.

Programmes that Dads can access

Parenting Apart

Duration: 6 weeks
Aim: To support you in minimising the impact of separation on children

Providing practical guidance on how to talk to your children about separation and how you can help them adapt to the changes ahead.

The programme will help you to focus on your child's needs and to explore your changing role and responsibilities as a parent.

Fathers and Families

Duration: 6 weeks
Aim: To promote positive parenting skills to fathers

This programme is for anyone in a fathering role. The programme gives you the skills to use a positive parenting approach and emphasises the important role fathers play in their children's lives.

The programme is interactive, fun and an opportunity for fathers to build a support network.

F.I.S.H (Fishing In Support of hope)

Local dad Thomas has been supported by Parenting NI in funding applications to launch his own local fishing services, for those dealing with mental health and addiction.