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Supporting your Child’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Delivered by: AWARE

Who is the course for? The parents/persons with parental responsibility of 5-12 years old children.
Cost: FREE

Venue Date Time Closing date for registration
Ashgrove Community Centre, Armagh 7th Feburary 2019 7pm – 9:30pm 25th January 2019 @ 5pm
The Market Place, Armagh 14th February 2019 7pm – 9:30pm 1st February 2019 @ 5pm

This programme is delivered to parents/guardians in a range of settings such as community organisations and schools and lasts approximately two and a half hours.
It highlights the need for parents/guardians to look after their mental health in order to be able to support their child’s emotional health and wellbeing.

It gives participants skills and knowledge which can be used to maintain or regain good mental health and build resilience to deal with life’s challenges. In addition it gives participants problem solving knowledge, skills and top tips to help deal with unhelpful behaviour in children.

It also features the ‘Take5 for Your Emotional Wellbeing’ which focuses on the five most evidenced ways of looking after our mental health i.e. Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give and encourages participants to use Take5 to improve their mental well-being and that of their children.

Places for these programmes are limited to 20 participants so booking is essential. Places cannot be offered to those whose interest is work based, including classroom assistants, nursery workers and childminders.