ProfessionalsSmallMore information for professionals about the Family Wellness Project

The aim of this partnership is to provide an early intervention programme to support children aged 5-12 years, who are experiencing low level emotional health & wellbeing difficulties. In particular, the focus will be on those children who have received a referral from their GP, but do not meet the threshold for Specialist CAMHS. Currently these children are referred back to their GP/referrer.

The Network uses an holistic approach by supporting both the child and their family to address the issues identified, effectively access information and support from other organisations and, build resilience within the family. The children and their families will be supported in their own home to draft and then implement their Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAPs) over a period of months.

Initially referrals will be accepted from the Specialist CAMHS teams in each of the two trust areas. The Network Co-ordinator will also attend the local Health & Social Care Board Family Support Hub meetings to identify and accept suitable referrals.