Explore Your Feelings

This section on the Family Wellness Project webpages will provide you with useful information on how to have conversations about mental health with your family. Explore your feelings by downloading and using the various activities to help children understand more about how they feel.

What is Mental Health- (1)

Talking to your child about mental health (2)


Have you seen Inside Out?

The Disney Pixar movie Inside Out is great to watch to help you understand a little bit more about your emotions.

Take a look at these activities…

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Sometimes we tend to think that mental health is a serious topic that can't be discussed with children for fear of frightening them or that they might not understand, when in fact it doesn't have to be a big formal chat and you are probably discussing mental health on a daily basis without even really noticing.

By "talking about mental health" we mean talking about how they are feeling, what they should do if they feel sad/angry/scared and who they can talk to about it.

Gain an understanding

This worksheet will help you gain more of an understanding before talking to your child

Explore mental health together

Use this worksheet with your child to explore thoughts, feelings & behaviour

Alternatives to unhelpful thinking

Tips sheet on distancing yourself from unhelpful thoughts to see situations in a different, more helpful way