Charlene Brooks
Chief Executive Officer

Charlene Colour 2

Charlene has a wealth of experience in the field of parenting and family support. Having a third level qualification in community work Charlene has worked in the voluntary sector her entire working career. She has worked in a number of organisations delivering high quality services which aim to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families.

In Parenting NI Charlene worked as the Director of the Parents Helpline for almost 7 years before being appointed as the Director of Parenting Education, during this time she has managed diverse teams of staff and volunteers all working together towards a mission; to support families.

Meet the Directors

Muriel Bailey

Director for Family Support Services
Muriel has responsibility for the delivery and management of Parenting NI Family Support Services.

Muriel previously worked as Manager for Sure Start and High Need Family Support. She has extensive knowledge of families who are within the threshold of child protection and also receive services at Hardiker Level 2, 3 and 4.

Muriel’s background is in Early Years, training, counselling and operations management, all within the education, statutory and community & voluntary sector.

Maria Rogan
Director for Training and Development

Maria ColourMaria is responsible for business development which includes corporate employee wellbeing, fundraising and communication within Parenting NI. She is also responsible for overseeing the parental engagement project which aims to support the work of the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership. She has over 8 years experience working for Parenting NI and a further 12 years working with young people, parents, adult returners and the unemployed to support their training, education and development needs.

Hilary Morrow
Director for Finance and Operations
Hilary Colour 2Hilary is a qualified chartered accountant with 17 years experience in the voluntary sector.

Hilary is responsible for the financial management, systems and processes within Parenting NI, ensuring that standards of best practice are maintained at all times.

Our Staff

Kelly Barbour Parenting Education Coordinator
Teresa Campton Finance Administrator
Ann Marie Drain Face to Face Support/Counsellor
Chris Eisenstadt Policy and Research Officer
Maria Graham Face to Face Support/Counsellor
Siobhan Green Parent Support Officer
Lynn Heatley Parental Engagement Coordinator
Maria Herron Families Together Coordinator Strabane & Antrim
Kathy Jan Parent Support Officer
Emma Lyttle Communications Officer
Kathy Martin Parent Support Officer
Lucy McCusker Business Development Coordinator
Clare McGillion Families Together Key Worker, Strabane
Shirley Millar Education Manager
Eileen Mulhern Parent Support Officer
Marie Penney Casework Manager
Kate Preston Parent Support Officer
Jill Proctor Parent Support Officer
Gemma Robinson Family Support Services Administrator
Julie Schiess Parent Support Officer
Lauren Walls Education and Participation Officer