Policy & Research

Advocacy is an important part of work for Parenting NI. We know that no two families are the same, they face different challenges and have differing opinions. However, many of the biggest issues affect the majority of parents. Things like the influence of technology, mental health and the changing world have relevance for most parents.

It is important for Parenting NI, as Northern Ireland's leading parenting charity, to make sure that the voices of parents are heard at all levels of government. Whether it is calling on departments and ministers to value the work of parents, or getting councils to do more to support them, Parenting NI is tireless in our efforts to protect and empower parents. We also provide advice, guides and tips for parents on a range of complex or worrying issues.

What are we asking for?

We are simply asking candidates to help parents; to do more to engage with, support and empower parents in local council areas, and to sign up to four promises and commitments:


-  Promising to invest in parent employees wellbeing in the workplace.
-  Promise to put in place community based, evidence informed programmes to build parenting confidence and skills.
-  Promising to train council staff in the importance of working in partnership with parents and how to engage parents.
-  Promising to seek the opinion of parents explicitly when consulting on services for children or young people.


-  Committing to specifically name parents (or those in a parenting role) whenever a policy, strategy or initiative mentions children.
-  Committing to explore strategies to support parents specifically and practically, including inclusion in community plans.
-  Committing to working with other councils, departments and the third sector to make Northern Ireland as parent friendly as possible.
-  Nominating an elected member on every council to serve as a “Parent Champion".

If you or your party is willing to commit to Putting Parenting in the Picture and elect a Parent Champion, please contact Conal on conal@parentingni.org or on 028 9031 0891 to arrange a meeting.