Parenting Week

Celebrating 20 Years of Parenting Week!

2019 is a big year. Not only are we celebrating turning the big four oh, but Parenting Week is also entering it's twenties. Entering into the birthday party spirit, this year is simply about celebrating parents and the important role you play in your children's lives.

We're excited to get to our most favourite week of in the Parenting NI calendar. This year it will be even bigger with events leading up to the week too!

Why is it important to celebrate parenting?

Parents have an incredibly special role to play within our society - they are raising our future generation. Whilst most people would agree that this is an important and at times difficult job, often the expectations the society place on parents can make their job much more challenging.

Parenting has changed over the generations. In our grandparents generation stress was generally about providing for children’s practical needs e.g. food and clothing. Today, parent’s stress may be caused by these practical needs but also around expectations and “getting parenting right”. Parents are facing new challenges as technology develops and the influence of social media.

Parenting NI has a vision of a future where parenting is highly valued and so we believe it's important to take Parenting Week to recognise the important role parents have to play in children's lives and highlight the amazing job they do every day.

Get Involved

We love to see as many parents, schools and organisations getting involved in the during this week as possible. We hope that you will enter into the party mood with with and join in the Parenting NI 40th anniversary celebrations.

You can do this by coming along to the events we have planned, or host your own! Mark the week in your school, organisation or workplace by using the activities below.

Download the Parenting Week graphic to include in your social media posts by clicking the image below:

Download the Parenting Week Activity Booklet which gives you information about how to deliver the following activities.

This activity gets children to think about their favourite things about their parents, they can share the worksheet with their parents. This helps strengthen family bonds. Parents can also fill one in for their children here.

Use this activity to get children to think about all the jobs that mums and dads do. They can create their own gift certificate to give something back to their parents during the week.

Conversation Starters are a great way to learn more about each other whilst also promoting good communication skills. Give them a try round the dinner table!

Deliver basic messages regarding the Parenting Week campaign to the groups of parents you work with.

Download a blank Parenting Week card template which children can decorate any they wish, maybe draw a picture of their family and write a nice message inside. They can then give them to their parents to celebrate the week.

Creating a Family Scrapbook or Memory Box is a great way to get creative and spend time together during Parenting Week, as well as having something lovely to look back on in years to come.

We often don't think about how we praise our children. This handout gives simple suggestions of ways you can praise a child.