Families Together

Families Together is a project that aims to improve family relationships. The project is a partnership between Parenting NI and New Life Counselling and has been funded by The Big Lottery Reaching Out Supporting Families Programme.

The Families Together Project designed to help support and improve family lives by encouraging more open and effective communication between you and your children. Throughout each element of the project you and your children will be encouraged to talk about what you value as important in life and this will promote healthier, more trusting, improved relationships.

The project will provide you and your children with a better understanding of each other's needs and the skills to manage family relationship difficulties a different way in the future.

Families Together is for everyone, regardless of their family circumstance and aims to make parents feel confident about their parenting skills. All activities are free and will be relaxed and informal so parents will feel comfortable and enjoy taking part.

The project will be available in six schools in the Antrim and Strabane areas. Those schools are:

Ballycraigy Primary School

Six Mile Integrated Primary School

Parkhall Primary School

Sion Mills Primary School

St Catherine's Primary School

St Mary's Primary School

In the future, additional schools in each area may be able to access aspects of the project for their families as the project develops.

The Programmes

Time for Parents

One to One Time for Parents offers space for parents to be listened to and explore any issues they are experiencing in relation to parenting. It will allow parents to look at setting realistic goals and find manageable solutions for their family.

“I felt the counsellor helped me make sense of my current situation so I could make clear decisions how to move forward in the difficulties within the family.”
Feedback from parent after having one to one time with a counsellor

Group Time for Parents provides you with the opportunity to learn new parenting skills and meet other parents. These informal sessions will help you to manage stress, build your self esteem, become more assertive and manage situations such as separation and communication breakdown.

“[The programme] was very helpful and I looked forward to it each week.”
Feedback from parent on completion of Health & Happiness programme

“I got a lot out of coming here and speaking to other parents.”
Feedback from parent on completion of Health & Happiness programme

Time for Children

Time for Children will provide children with one to one time to explore and understand their feelings through a range of activities, including art, music, play and drama.

“I like myself a bit better.”
Feedback from child after taking part in Time for Children

“I need to deal with my anger, [the counsellor] helped me with my anger.”
Feedback from child receiving one to one counselling

Time Together

Time Together is an 8 week programme for parents and children to spend focused time together for an hour each week. Sessions involve creative, one to one activities which examine thoughts, feelings and behaviours to enhance parent/child relationships.

"a good starting point to talk about things that [son] was concerned about."
Feedback from parent on the Time Together group work

How It Can Help

Improved family communication
Stronger family relationships
More confident parents

Want to know more?

The coordinators will be based within the schools in Antrim and Strabane so if the project is available in your child's school and you would like further information about any of the programmes in the project, they would be very happy to have a chat in more detail with you.

Get in Touch

Would you like to know more about the Families Together Project? Get in touch

Families Together Project Coordinator (Antrim and Strabane)
Phone: 07887429054
Email: antrim@parentingni.org or strabane@parentingni.org