Face to Face Support/Counselling Service

Face to Face Support/Counselling focuses on finding realistic, manageable solutions for you and your family, empowering you to meet your own needs and goals. We offer a confidential, professional service, in a warm, friendly atmosphere, where you will be listened to and given space to explore any issues relating to parenting.

Parenting NI’s Face to Face Support/Counselling Service for parents and carers is available in the areas shown on the map below. However, as services operate on a needs based approach at times some venues may not be available. Parenting NI will ensure that you are able to access the service from the nearest venue to you, where possible, as quickly as possible. If not, we can provide telephone counselling as an alternative.

Please contact the Parents Helpline on 0808 8010 722 to arrange an appointment.

Face to Face support is available throughout Northern Ireland. Check the map to see where:

Skype and Telephone Counselling

We are delighted to now be offering Skype and Telephone Counselling for parents in addition to our Face to Face service. This offers you another option to be able to access support from wherever you are in Northern Ireland. If you are interested in counselling via Skype or telephone give us a ring on 0808 8010 722 or fill in an expression of interest form on this page.

Practical Support