School Work

The Family Wellness Project is bringing Action Mental Health's Provoking Thought and Healthy Me programmes to schools in the Southern and Western Trust areas. Programmes aim to allow children and young people to explore issues around mental health and emotional wellbeing, healthy lifestyle choices and pathways to support.

Provoking Thought in Holy Cross College, Strabane

149 pupil completed the Provoking Thought workshop in February 2016. 138 of those pupils returned evaluations to tell us about what they got out of this mental health awareness workshop.

96% had improved knowledge
90% would recognise signs and symptoms
91% would be confident in getting help
96% would help a friend or family member
92% would know where to get help
93% would like further awareness training

Healthy Me in St Mary's Primary School, Strabane

In February and March 2016, P5, P6 and P7 pupils at St Marys Primary School Strabane took part in the ‘Healthy Me’ Programme.

What does it mean to be healthy?
Children are asked to choose from a range of possible answers referring to both mental and physical health.

Having good mental health
Feeling happy
Being able to cope with problems
Feeling good about myself