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About Us

Parenting NI is a leading organisation, which has been supporting parents in Northern Ireland since 1979.  The focus is on prevention and early intervention, and the organisation has a reputation for delivering high quality services.  Parenting NI has developed its services based on the needs of parents.

Parenting for NI trading as Parenting NI is registered in Northern Ireland as a Company Limited by Guarantee...

Company Number: NI030087

Parenting NI is also accepted as a charity by the Inland Revenue under...

Reference Number: XR93772

Our vision of the future is one where parenting is highly valued, and family members receive the support and resources they need to provide a happy and safe environment in which children and young people can achieve their potential.

We aim to contribute to the well being of children and young people by supporting parents and influence policy and practice on parenting.

Our values are underpinned in all areas of Parenting NI projects:

Parenting for NI trading as Parenting NI. Registered Office: 42 Dublin Road, Belfast, BT2 7HN. A Registered Charity - Inland Revenue Number XR93772